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Celebrity plastic surgery has mushroomed, as seen below in a round up of recent face-lifts, boob jobs and botox of the stars. John Schneider, a guest star on Nip/Tuck and the star of the wildly popular. Schneider joins a growing number of men who are going under the knife, with liposuction being the most popular procedure done on men, followed by rhinoplasty (nose job), eyelid surgery, gynecomastia (male breast reduction), and facelift.

Victoria's choice may seem quite curious considering that today's plastic surgery tecniques allow you to have absolutely natural look after breast augmentation. Even with women who have very slight breast tissue to cover the implant it's always possible to put breast implants under the muscle to give it a softer appearance.

With breast implants or without them Victoria Bechham remains ravishing woman, and acclaimed fashion icon. The most natural result in breast surgery occurs with submuscular implant emplacement.

American television personality, jewelry designer, multi-platinum Grammy-winning singer, and Emmy Award-winning choreographer Paula Abdul may had a breast augmentation. The 'American Pie' star Tara Reid has long disowned going under-the-knife but has now admitted she has had her chest surgically enhanced.

One day Tara Reid appeared on the same pages with amazingly bigger breasts, so much bigger and rounder that all celebrity blogs instantly suggested Tara had breast augmentation. Marilyn Monroe may have did rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is believed the most ancient and most challenging plastic surgery.

In well-trained hands it can spectacularly improve your looks, add softness and harmony to your face, not mentioning that rhinoplasty can substantially improve nasal breathing. Angelina Jolie had a nose job (rhinoplasty) at the starting of her brief modeling career.

Christina Aguilera has had a breast augmentation and is innuendoed to have also gotten a rhinoplasty (nose job). Actress Lisa Rinna is rumored to have had a lip augmentation through filler injections or Gortex, a form of lip implant. Jessica Simpson intromitted to having Restylane injections to augment her lips.

Jessica Simpson is the frequent subject of rumors about having a breast augmentation, but this rumor is not confirmed. Jessica Simpson has precised interest in having a breast lift in the future should her large breasts begin to sag.

Actress Eliza Dushku is hearsay to have had a nose job and cheek implants. Eliza's face has changed over the years. The bridge of Dushku's nose looks more built up while her cheeks are tubby. Golden Globe-winning American actress Linda Evans is rumored to have had face work such as lip Collagen, a chemical peel for her skin, and cheek implants.