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Mosbeau Skin Whitening and Skin Care Products


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You may not have heard of them yet, but Mosbeau is the leading skin whitening company in the world. A household name in the Philippines and Japan, Mosbeau is now being introduced to Asian customers in the United States after winning several awards including the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2009-2012 and Mega Beauty Awards in 2011. With more than 20 years of expertise and excellence in skin care, intensive research and discovery of the finest ingredients, Mosbeau has repeatedly marked the beginning of a most beautiful transformation for every woman.

Mosbeauproducts are designed perfectly to combine multiple functions like skin whitening with sun protection & anti-aging. In fact, “skin perfection” is one of its guiding principles. The company achieves such high standards through its continual commitment to product improvement, ongoing research and direct feedback from the millions of women who use the product all everyday over the world.

Mosbeau Placenta White-placental protein is Mosbeau’s leading skin whitening product. Placental Protein is derived from a mammalian organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall known as Placenta. It is responsible for supplying the developing fetus with oxygen and nutrients. Throughout history, placenta extract has been known for its therapeutic benefits on the skin including whitening and anti-aging. It’s said that even Cleopatra was aware of the beauty benefits of placenta extract and included it in the beauty regimen that kept her skin stunning, vibrant and youthful for many years.

The secret behind placenta’s effectiveness is in something called “tyrosinase.” Tyrosinase is a fundamental component of melanin. Placental Protein activates an influence on tyrosinase activity resulting in whiter, brighter skin. Sourced from Japan, Placental Protein’s active ingredients are safe, effective and trusted by women around the world every day. Those women see themselves as more beautiful, more confident and more capable while maintaining gorgeous, perfect skin.

Another one of Mosbeau’s most widely used products is the all-in-one cream. It’s an unparalleled product with the combined effects of facial lotion, beauty essence, moisturizer and sunblock for that flawless facial experience. The active ingredient in the all-in-one cream is sericin. Sericin protects the skin & cellular DNA from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. With exposure to UV rays being the leading cause of skin damage, discoloration and disease, ensuring that your body has enough sericin to properly protect the skin is important.

Flawless Beauty and Skin is the leading distributor of this products in the United States. With dozens of its products to choose from and purchase online, these fine skin care essentials are now available to Americans interested in perfect skin. Professionally packaged, affordable and trusted around the world, Mosbeau makes a difference in women’s lives every day. Let it make a difference in your life today.

Sweet Suzzy is the founder of, a leading online beauty and skin care store.