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How to Get Rid of Blackheads


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Blackheads are strictly referred to like open comedones. These bumps are frequently indented and may seem like tiny plugs. They are caused when the over active sebaceous (oil producing) glands in the skin become bunged with oil. This sebum then instigates to harden in the pore. A raise in the male hormones, androgens, will enlarge the natural production of oil in your skin causing more oil to increase in the pores, often times resulting in the appearance of black heads. Male and female of any age group can be the casualty of Blackheads. The best way to dispose of blackheads is to eliminate the cause of them - in excess of sebum (oil) and dead skin cells.

Tips for Removing Blackheads

  • Use a moderate exfoliant to remain the dead cells off your skin and left from the pore openings.
  • A warm condense of water applied to the region of the blackhead followed by a very gentle pressure can help in clearing the clog from the pore.
  • Hormone blockers and low-dose birth control pills can lesser levels of androgens (the male hormone) and Accutane should be discussed with your physician in strict cases of oily skin and breakouts.
  • Clay masks, which can moreover help prevent blackheads in those with oily skin, is a blackhead home remedy that several people have had success with.