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Vitamins for Hair Loss


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Vitamins for Hair Loss

Historically, hair loss has been experienced in men. However, over the years the illness has also been experienced in women. Hair loss is controllable and manageable but not curable. The various causes of hair loss have led to the establishment of a number of treatment options as well as prevention methods. One of the most effective treatment options is the consumption of the correct levels of vitamins that promote hair growth.

Vitamins are very essential in a number of activities in the body. Ideally, almost each and every metabolic activity in the body involves a given vitamin. Some vitamins are essential in absorbing necessary nutrients and supplements that the body needs to promote hair growth. Other vitamins are essential in controlling the levels of some given hormones in the body which have negative effects to hair growth when in excess.

The human body operates under given conditions; such conditions are associated with adequate and appropriate nutrients. The provision of appropriate nutrients is not achieved only from carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamins and minerals make sure that the required content of nutrients in the body are accessed and in right quantities. Hair growth involves a vast system of events in the body that bear close relations with a number of hormones as well as vitamins and minerals.

To be able to appreciate the necessity of vitamins in the body in relation to hair growth, you will need to go through the following set of vitamins:

Biotin: Biotin is a major element of B-Vitamins. This particular vitamin has the effect of promoting stronger and healthier hair growth as well as prevention of hair loss. Biotin presents the following benefits; it aids in the manufacturing of keratin-protein that is responsible for the structure and strength of the hair, biotin helps in reducing as well as eliminating hair split ends, and it ensures that the hair withstand breakage. The vitamin can be obtained via milk, egg yolk and yeast.

Inositol: this vitamin belongs to the B-vitamins. The vitamin has effects in the brain, eyes, kidney, liver, and most probably muscles. According to the researches that have been carried out, it has been established that Inositol is essential for hair growth. The researches have also stated that, men do require more Inositol intake than women. Lack of enough Inositol may lead to other medical conditions apart from hair loss, such as skin irritation.

Zinc: extreme levels of zinc deficiency in the body have resulted into a number of disorders, including scalp problems and pattern baldness. Men and women are urged to make sure that their diets have correct levels of zinc. Zinc can be obtained from; egg yolks, pumpkin seeds, oyster, and so on.

Vitamin E: vitamin E has proven to reverse ageing process as well as reverse the growth of gray hair back to black and healthy hair. This particular vitamin can be obtained from; soy beans, broccoli, spinach, eggs and so on.

• Other essential vitamins that promote stronger and healthier hair growth are: choline, vitamin A, cider vinegar, and so on.

So, it is now evident that vitamins play a bigger role in managing strong and healthy hair.